Buy World of Warcraft-US Items | Harder to run dungeons with someone

By the time you get to Legion however, all these additions have added up to a big world that feels really small. It only takes a few minutes to get across WoW’s giant continents. It’s no harder to run dungeons with someone on the other side of the planet wow where to buy demon hunter gear than it is to play with someone in the same city as you. Blizzard tries to deal with this by disabling flying in the new continents you visit, but it only goes so far. The new Broken Isles area in Legion is beautiful, but it never quite captures that same sense of grandeur.

This change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Walking everywhere is tedious and it can take away from actually playing the game. On the other hand, when you can teleport all over the planet, breeze past the scenery at 300% speed, and ignore wow gear upgrade level most of the little details, it starts can start to feel like Legion could just be its own game, rather than part of an ever-expanding world. While new players still have to do a bit of work at low levels, it’s impossible for anyone to go back and really feel that same restricting sense of a world too big for your character.

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